Tips To Prepare Your Rental Home For A Showing

by Administrator 20. November 2017 21:06

Prospective tenants always show more interest in homes that look well cared for. Some preparation at making the home look warm and welcoming goes a long way. Strike the right chord with your tenants by preparing the house in such a way that they can see themselves living in it. You can also hire a professional to help you prepare your home. 

Here are some tips on how to prepare a rental home for a showing:


First impressions are usually the last. Staging a rental home for showing is a great way of improving its curb appeal. Availing home staging services offered by property agents is a great option as it will help you save a lot of time and energy.  Furnish the house to give it a warm homely feel. Keep some indoor plants, light up some candles for some good vibes and smell. You will also have to work on the external area of the house. Ensure that the lawn is mowed and the paint is not chipped.

Professional Cleaning

Get the house cleaned thoroughly. Bathrooms and kitchens will need special attention because they are more prone to odours and can have dirty nooks and corners.  Ensure that the floors are buffed and cleaned properly. Make them shine as that will enhance the appearance of the whole house.

General Condition

Everything in the house should be in working condition. The lights, taps, flushes, locks, windows and anything the tenant can possibly check out should work well. You might have to get a plumber to fix all pipes, check the drainage and ensure that all the taps are working. It’s a good idea to turn on all the lights during the showing as that will make the house look bright and inviting.  The carpets and curtains should be clean. You would certainly not want bad odour from a carpet or a dirty looking curtain covering a beautiful window.

Focal Point 

If the home has a focal point like a window seat, fireplace, reading nook or even a wall, do your best to make it stand out. Try throwing some colourful pillows on a window seat. Work on the lighting of a beautiful wall to highlight it. Cute beanbags at a reading corner and some plants will make it look inviting.

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Rental Inspection Checklist

by Administrator 23. June 2017 17:38

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Step By Step Guide To Renting A Home In Killeen

by Administrator 21. July 2016 17:42

Renting a home can be a challenging task, but having proper knowledge about the process can help to ease your burden. You can also hire a real estate agent who can help to rent a home suiting your requirements.

Here is a step by step guide to rent a home in Killeen:

  • Setting your budget: It is important to set a budget before beginning your search for a home on rent. You must also know whether you require a short or long term rental home. It can help you to narrow down your search and make choices accordingly.
  • Analyze your requirements: You can make a priority list stating all your requirements such as property type, location, number of bedrooms, pet policy, proximity to work place, shopping malls, and various other amenities. This can give you a clear picture about the rental home you need to look for.  
  • Research extensively: Make sure you research extensively to find the most suitable rental home. You can also go through the online listings to view the pictures and other important details of rental properties available.  Seeking recommendations from your friends or family members can also be a good option.
  • Visiting the property: Simply viewing the property online is not enough. You should arrange a visit to the shortlisted rental homes as this can help you to be aware of their ins and outs.
  • Finalizing the deal: Once you have shortlisted the property, you should be prepared with all the documents required to complete the renting process. You can be asked about references from previous landlords, credit report, income proof etc. 
  • Tenancy agreement:  The last step towards renting a home is signing the tenancy agreement. Make sure you go through all the important terms and conditions so that you have a hassle free renting experience. The real estate agent can help you understand the legal terms mentioned in the agreement in a better way. Also ascertain, there are no overhead expenses such as maintenance fees, taxes or insurance payments included in the agreement.

We, at Cloud Real Estate, provide quality rental services to the clients in Killeen, TX. The real estate agents at our firm will help you throughout the renting process. For more information, you can call (254) 690 - 3311 or visit our office at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Factors To Consider When Searching A Rental Home In Killeen

by Administrator 22. April 2016 20:23

When it comes to rental homes, Killeen offers affordable living options for every budget and requirements. An extensive research and patience can help you zero down on your dream home. With a wide variety of homes- in terms of size, amenities and location, one can rest assured of finding the right rental home.

The following tips may help you while searching for a rental home in Killeen:

  • Fix a budget: Always have a pre fixed budget in your mind. It is not recommended to choose a property that exceeds the set budget, as you may have to deal with other expenses too while renting a place. Keeping a budget will help you keep a check on your pocket and not put you in a fix later on.
  • Shortlist from all options: Online portals, real estate agents and recommendations from known people are all good sources to know about the homes available for rent in Killeen. However, you must not rely only on one of these search options and explore all sources from where you can get information about rental homes.
  • Make a priority list: Take some time out to determine your requirements make a list starting from most important to the least. This could be the rental home’s location (proximity of home from office/school), size (apartment or private home) and amenities (furnished or unfurnished). Make sure you stick to this list when browsing the options available to you.
  • Pay a visit: It is very important to see the home at least twice before you make up your mind. First impression do makes a difference but it is always nice to revisit the property to gauge whether it suits all your needs.
  • Check overhead costs: Once you have shortlisted a few properties, check if it will cost you any more than the monthly rent. This may include maintenance fees, taxes or insurance payments. Include them in your budget and decide if the home fits in your budget.
  • Read the contract carefully: Insist on legal paperwork and read the contract carefully before signing. Make sure that every point that you have agreed upon with the landlord is mentioned in the contract. Pet policy, maintenance responsibility and payment timelines are all essentials which you must cross check once before signing.

If you are looking for a rental home in Killeen, TX, contact Cloud Real Estate for assistance. Call us at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Maintaining Your Rental Home In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 6. July 2015 19:52

A rental home can be an immensely recompensing investment. However, the success of a rental business calls for a property owner who understands his responsibilities and makes sure the tenants are not facing any problem. The owners of a rental property are very well aware about the importance of its proper and regular maintenance. Carrying out maintenance and repair work is extremely important to retain your investment home’s value, whether it is vacant or occupied.

Given here are some useful tips that can help to maintain your rental home:

  • Clean Foundation: It is important that the ground slope is away from the foundation to avoid water accumulation near your house. The dirt near the foundation should also be sloped away from time to time. This will prevent water from entering your basement or crawl space, thus, leading to severe structural damages.
  • Clean Gutters: Choked gutters or water lines can make your home susceptible to severe water damage. You should make sure that the gutters are not clogged due to fallen leaves or piled up debris.
  • Update Electrical Wires: To ensure the security of your tenants it is critical to keep the electrical system working properly and up-to code. You must hire a professional to inspect and repair any electrical issue in the house before it turns into a serious safety hazard.
  • Landscaping: Make sure the lawn is properly trimmed to avoid making it a breeding ground for pests. Tress with broken or cracking branches, visible roots or fungal growth should be removed. If sprinklers are installed, the property owner should see if they need any kind of repair or replacement.
  • Regularly Test Smoke Detectors: A fully functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detector is necessary for every rental property. They are important for tenants’ protection and mandatory by law. You should periodically replace batteries, check wiring or other damages and replace the smoke detector if necessary.
  • Check Pest Infestations: You must carefully inspect the home for signs of pest infestation. Make sure you exterminate them completely before it becomes a bigger problem, causing you to lose tenants and face longer vacancies.   

We, at Cloud Real Estate, provide comprehensive property management services for rental homes in Killeen, TX. Our agents will keep your rental home in best condition to attract more tenants and ensure consistent income. For more information, you can call us at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Tips For Your Killeen Apartment Search

by Administrator 4. June 2015 17:18

Rental apartments are a good choice for those moving to a new city for educational or official purposes. While looking for an apartment, it is important to make sure that it conforms to all your requirements and fulfills your needs. The search process can become a daunting and challenging task for a first time tenant. Thus, a few things should be kept in mind while looking for a rental apartment, which matches your various demands.

Factors to be considered while searching for a rental apartment:

  • Location: The location of the rental apartment should be close to the work or education premises. Proximity of the apartment can save commuting time and reduce transportation costs.
  • Size of the apartment: The size of the rental apartment should be in accordance with your requirements and the budget. You can select from condos, two-bedroom apartment, studio apartment or a flat.
  • Amount of rent: The rent of the apartment along with the cost of amenities should be suitable to your budget.
  • Neighborhood: The stay in the rental apartment becomes easier and better if it is located in a friendly neighborhood. The neighborhood should be carefully explored to check its safety and residents.
  • Scrutinizing the agreement: The tenancy agreement should be carefully checked for all the terms and agreements. The rent amount, policies to be followed and amenities provided should be thoroughly included in a comprehensive landlord- tenant agreement.
  • Past records and references: The past performance and reviews of the apartment should be checked for implementation of policies like repairs, accommodating pets etc. One can also take references from previous tenants about the living conditions of the premises.
  • Maintenance: The rental apartment should be checked for sturdy and well-maintained interiors. It should be well kept by the landlord and all its appliances should be smoothly running.
  • Checking licenses and insurance: An engineer should check all the gas and electrical appliances, so that safety of these appliances can be ensured. It should also be checked that the house is insured for fire, theft or other damages.
  • Term of the lease: The dates of the lease should be in accordance with your needs, depending on your amount of stay. You can even discuss with the landlord about the possibility of extending the lease dates if the need arises.

Following these tips can make the search for your apartment hassle free and easier. For more information, contact us at Cloud Real Estate. We are located at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543. You call also call us at (254) 690-3311.

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Tips To Prepare Your Home For Rent

by Administrator 21. May 2015 13:43

Renting out your home, apartment, condo or duplex can be a lucrative option. However, preparing your home for staging requires planning, maintenance, repair and dedication. A properly staged home will attract quality tenants, more rent and make the process hassle free.

Given here are a few tips that can help you effectively prepare your home for rent:

  • Inspect Your Home: When the rental home is vacant, thoroughly inspect it to identify any major problems and repair them timely. You should also address any issues that might come up as a bigger problem in the near future such as wall cracks, roof leaks, leaky pipes or faucets, clogged drains, burnt out light fixtures etc.
  • Ensure Safety: Tenants look for a house that is safe for them and their family to live in. For this, you must replace all the door locks and properly fence the yard. Install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in every room and floor of the house.
  • Do A Thorough Cleaning: Thoroughly clean all the windows, blinds, floors and walkways to remove any stains. You can also repaint the home and replace any broken or old light fittings to give it a refreshed look. The house should be de-cluttered to give a good impression to potential tenants.
  • Check Furnishings And Appliances: If you are renting out a furnished home, everything must be absolutely clean and in proper working condition. You can even get the sofas and curtains steam cleaned to remove all the stains. You must check all the electrical appliances to make sure that they are in proper working order. If not, get them repaired before any potential tenant visits your property.
  • Hire Property Management Services: Maintaining each and everything on your own can be a little tedious and time consuming. Thus, you can consider hiring a reliable property management company that can assist you with each and every aspect of the renting process. The agents will market your property, screen tenants, collect rent, handle repairs etc. in a professional manner.

We, at Cloud Real Estate, can help you prepare your home for rent in Killeen, TX. Our experienced property managers will ensure that you get the best possible rent for your property. For more information, you can call us at (254) 690 – 3311.


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Renting Your Home In Killeen

by Administrator 20. April 2015 13:22

Whether you are a real estate investor or a first time landlord, renting your home is a lucrative option for an additional income. However, without sufficient knowledge, it is possible that the entire renting process becomes troublesome. There are a lot of concerns that should be addressed while renting your home.

Read on to know some of the important tips that you must keep in mind before putting your home up for rent:

  • Know The Laws: Every state has different set of landlord-tenant rules and guidelines. It is critical that you have a complete understanding of all these laws before listing your property. Your locality may also have some rules related to rental homes. All these things laws must be considered to avoid any sort of legal complications afterwards.
  • Create A Lease Contract: A simple lease agreement with all the legal clause, terms and conditions included can help protect your rights as a landlord. It should have a complete mention of the lease term, due dates for rent, security deposits, rules of conduct, maintenance responsibilities, insurance coverage, lease violation and eviction terms. This can save you from legal hassles that may occur with a problematic tenant.
  • Screen Tenants: It is always beneficial to screen tenants in order to avoid those who have a bad rental history and don’t pay the rent on time. You must evaluate the tenants credit history, previous residence, income, criminal background etc. It is advisable to hire a professional real estate agent for this purpose as they have predefined criterion to determine the eligibility of the tenant for a rental home.
  • Determine Market Value: For this, you need to examine the current real estate trends and the rent quoted by other rental homes in your area. Potential tenants search around and compare the available properties, so make sure that you set a competitive price and highlight the positive aspects of your rental home.
  • Protect Your Belongings: While renting your home, you must have a comprehensive insurance coverage to protect our property form any sort of damage. You can also ask the tenants to buy renters insurance to cover their personal belongings in the home.

In order to successfully rent your home in Killeen, you can contact the real estate agents at Cloud Real Estate. You can call us at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Rental Homes In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 6. April 2015 13:40

Whether you are a first time tenant or are planning to move from your current place of residence, the process of searching for the perfect rental home can be really exhausting. This is made even more daunting if you are unaware about the real estate market of that city. However, going about a step by step and well-defined process can be helpful to make your search quite easier. If you are looking for a rental home in Killeen, TX, here are some things that you must rummage around for in a property:

  • Location: This is the first and most important factor to consider in any rental home. Make sure that the property you are considering is in a perfect location. It should have an easy approachability to schools, colleges, supermarkets, shopping centers, playgrounds etc.
  • Neighborhood: Even if the home is extremely attractive, you might not have a comfortable stay if you are not in good terms with your tenants. During your first visit to the rental home, talk to the neighbors about the landlord and the previous tenants. As far as possible, prefer a rental home that offers you the privacy and peace of mind that you need.
  • Safety: You must ensure that there are proper safety elements installed in the rental home. Carefully inspect the door locks, windows, electrical fittings and kitchen equipment for any signs of damage. Take a walk through the locality to see if there are sufficient lighting arrangements for the nighttime. A gated community with a security personnel employed round the clock is a bonus.
  • Individual Needs: You must have an eagle’s eye while inspecting your potential rental home. Look for the floor plan and interior design of the property. Check if there is enough storage space to organize all your stuff efficiently. In case you are renting a furnished home, make sure that the all the electrical appliances are in working condition. Also see if there are signs of any current or previous pest infestation. If anything is found that must be repaired, ask the landlord to do so before you move-in.
  • Research Thoroughly: Before signing the lease agreement, you must also verify that there are no legal obstacles by your way. Ask the landlord to go through the property’s occupancy certificate and check if it has been in foreclosure.

If you are searching for affordable and quality rental homes in Killeen, TX, contact the agents at Cloud Real Estate. You can call at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Tips For First Time Home Renters In Killeen TX

by Administrator 5. August 2014 12:55

Renting a home is a time consuming and complex process which involves a lot of leg work, visits, negotiations and paper work. It is important to take close looks at a number of different rental properties carefully as they come in different sizes and have various features and amenities. Making the right choice while selecting your rental home is of utmost importance as the place you choose will be your home for the decided period of time. This process might be a little easier for people who have had previous renting experience. However for first time renters things might prove to be difficult as a lot of research and consideration has to be done in a short amount of time. Below are some tips that would hold first time home renters in good stead when they look for the rental property of their dreams.

Budget Strategy – While deciding on your budget you need to ensure that you would be able to afford the rent during the whole duration of your stay. Rental budget should never rise to more than 25% of your total income and you need to have a concrete idea about your expenses and financial situation in the upcoming months. You should consider every possible area of expense and be smart about choosing a rental property where the rent is within your reach.

Deposits and Expenses –Moving in to your rental property can involve a number of unforeseen expenses which you need to watch out for. Usually, there is a deposit for the property, which in most cases equals a month of rent, and also possible expenses for getting electricity, cable and internet connections started. You should make a note of these expenses and factor them into your overall budget before making a decision.

Using Credit Cards –Home renting involves making monthly payments while being in a comfortable financial position to handle other expenses. Cutting down on the use of credit cards for the duration that you stay at your rental home can be a great way to ensure that you have the requisite funds every month to meet your expenses comfortably without incurring debt.

Necessity and Option –While you are looking for the rental apartment of your dreams you need to have a clear list of the things that you absolutely need and things that are optional. This should form the basis for elimination while

you are sifting through property listings and making visits. You can make a separate list of things you want which can be considered an added plus if they are present, but are optional.

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