Your Essential Moving Checklist

by Administrator 13. February 2018 18:41

Relocating can be a fun and memorable experience if done in an organized way. If moving is on the cards for you then there are some things that will make moving easier, if done well in advance. It is best to jot down a checklist of some important tasks to be done before the final day.
The best way to go about moving is to make a week by week plan. Based on this practical approach, here is a checklist that will help you prioritize important things to be done before moving.

1. Planning goes a long way in ensuring effective relocation. Start searching for a new home, about two months prior to moving. Contact a reliable real estate agent for the same. Make a list of possessions you intend to take along. Evaluate different moving options and make up your mind on whether you would like to move on your own or with professional help.

2. Approximately six weeks before moving, get an estimate of the relocation costs from reliable movers. If you wish to do the moving by yourself, compare the rates of different rental truck companies. Formulate a budget and once that’s done, book a moving company that fits in your budget or a rental truck for the moving day.

3. Before moving, notify your property owner, employer, bank, family physician and children’s school authorities about your intention to move soon. Request for your family’s medical records and school records. If you have decided as to which city you would like to live in, start looking for a personal physician and school for your kids at this stage. If you’ve got a pet, get its check-up done and collect its vaccination records and health certificates from your vet.

4. Start getting rid of unwanted clutter. Sell unwanted items online, donate them or simply distribute them to friends and family. Start packing important items early to avoid last minute anxiety. If you have subscribed to any delivery services or club and organization memberships, this is the time to unsubscribe from them. Clean up your drawers, medicine cabinets, backyard storage shed etc.

5. Get your car serviced if you have to travel to the new destination by road. If you will be flying to a new city, book your ticket in time and arrange with an auto transporter to get your car shipped.

6. The last stages of moving involve confirming with the moving company if everything is as per the plan. Finalize your packing and label all the packages properly. For those with kids and pets, it is advisable to hire a sitter for moving day. Clean and defrost your refrigerator, empty and clean other kitchen appliances, and disassemble large pieces of furniture. Keep valuables and important documents in your custody.

7. On the moving day, take one last look around you for items you might have forgotten, read paperwork that you have to sign carefully, keep refreshments and cash handy, and let your truck driver know your new address and phone number. Last but not the least hand over the keys to the property owner.

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Add A Fresh Look To Your Home Before Selling

by Administrator 29. January 2018 14:20

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Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent

by Administrator 26. August 2017 21:37

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Overlooked Areas To Clean In Your Rental Home

by Administrator 24. February 2017 08:21

When you are preparing your rental home, it is essential that every corner is alluring and clean. You should be prepared for potential tenants to be extremely observant and to scrutinize every part of your rental home. By staging your rental home properly, you open up possibilities and potential. However, people tend to overlook a few areas and steps when staging their rental homes, making it slightly more difficult to rent out or get the price they’re asking.

You are to remember these few overlooked areas when preparing your rental home.

  • The entrance-way and backyard:  Make sure that your backyard and exterior are clean and appealing. As for the entrance-way, this area will lay down the worth for the rest of the rental home so be sure to make it look inviting. Use decent console tables, seating furniture, mirrors, or a painting. As far as the backyard is concerned, start by cleaning and twigging old leaves and debris, add color and visual interest to your backyard by planting bunch of flowers depending upon the season; also add outdoor furniture and lighting or lamps or fairy lights.
  • The kitchen cabinet tops: The kitchen should be prepared well for staging. Cabinet and counter tops are the most essential parts of kitchen, make sure these are emptied and clean. Peroxide can be used to sanitize and clean the area thoroughly. In addition to being a good cleaner, it's also good for people with medical conditions like allergies and asthma. You can use it on your cabinet tops, and all around the kitchen. Other than that, vinegar is a natural cleaner for greasy cabinets, you can even laminate your counter tops with Formica, and it is easy to clean wipe when laminated.
  • Bathroom: People are particular about the bathroom and making it appealing is a good tactic. So, inspect the linen closet, put some hooks for hanging towels. You can also add clean, white linens and maybe a small floral display to add visual interest. Check the tiled flooring and make sure it’s spotless and repaired if broken. Remove foul odors in the bathroom, if any.
  • Attic, basement and garage: Every home has one of the three, if not all. These locations tend to become dumps or storage for all your documents, old clothing, holiday decorations, sporting gear, keepsakes and other such things. However, when staging for potential tenants, you want to make the most of the space of every room. Shelving is great for all the location as it can free the floor space and make the room more organized. You can add hooks to for holding sporting gears and add small drawers to keep mechanical instruments. This works really well with the garage and basement.
  • For the attic, make sure the insulation is removed or replaced. Dirty attic can often become home for rodents, rats and birds that contaminates the insulation and infects the attic that can lead to unhealthy home. Make sure that you take the help of experts to decontaminate and clean for handling your attic. Consider painting walls with neutral and warm colors, when all these locations are cleaned and organized it could possibly be used as an additional room. A suitable couch, a small mini-bar, and a television could turn the attic, basement and garage into a getaway for the adults or it can also turn out to be a hang out space for the children by adding mini tents and indoor games. 
  • Closets and Laundry Room: Untidiness will distract tenants from your home’s potential and throwing everything in the closet isn’t available solution since most people want to see how much closet space you have to offer. These are two of the most overlooked areas of rental home staging. Make sure that closets are cleaned, set, organized and space is maximized and that the laundry room is visually appealing and appears handy in all aspects. If space allows, try to hide baskets, drying racks, and cleaning supplies out of sight. 
  • Drain: Plumbing in the home is like the roots of a tree, there are the main line. Drainage is basically one of the most overlooked areas, while you are focusing much on cleaning the rooms. Before putting your home for rent, you should first check if you are dealing with slow-draining sinks or showers. Then you have to deal with clogged pipes, toilet stoppages, and garbage disposal freeze-ups. Providing appropriate plumbing tools helps to tenants to handle minor problems themselves. Upgrade your vent pipes; drain treatment should be at least once a month with a mild enzyme based drain cleaner to dissolve grease and keep the drains flowing. Major problems which are those that require disassembly of the pipes are best left to professionals. A landlord should guarantee the pipes work well, but the tenant should be in charge for what goes down them.

There are many aspects that have to be taken into account when staging your rental home and it might seem like plenty of work, but ultimately, it benefits you, the landlord as well your tenants. Making your rental home all polished and clean for tenants can potentially help it rent quicker and help you get the price you are asking for.

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Staging Your Killeen Rental Home

by Administrator 20. September 2016 15:07

With an increase in rental homes these days, it has become essential to make your property stand out from the competition. Staging your rental home can not only enhance its appearance but also boost its value. It can help you maximize returns from your rental investment and ensure a faster occupancy.

Listed below are few tips which can help you stage your rental home in Killeen, TX:

  • Thorough Cleaning: Make sure you thoroughly clean everything in your home including carpets, curtains and upholstery. Each corner of your house should be dirt free and spotless. Get rid of unnecessary clutter so that your property looks more presentable to the potential tenants.  
  • Spruce up the exterior: Having a well maintained lawn with blooming flowers can make your rental home more welcoming. Mow the grass, pressure wash the walkway and clean the front door. You can even install outdoor lighting to illuminate the sidewalk or put some potted plants along the pathway.  
  • Repainting the home: You can consider repainting the walls to remove stains and marks. Make sure you choose neutral colors as it will not only provide a refreshing look to your property but also make it appear more spacious. 
  • Highlight important features:  You can entice tenants towards your rental home by highlighting its positive features. For instance, if you have a spacious living room, you can accentuate it by using various accessories such as wall art, chandeliers, table lamps etc. The patio or outdoor space can also be redecorated to be used as a dining area.
  • Focus on the kitchen: While searching for a rental home, some tenants focus more on the kitchen. Make sure your kitchen is spick and span. You can even renovate it with modern cabinets to improve its functionality and visual appeal.  
  • Maximize space: You can use smart storage solutions to ensure effective utilization of space in your rental home. Built-in cabinets and shelves can be installed to provide an organized look to your property in Killeen.   
  • Seek professional help: You can seek professional assistance to stage your home for rent. The agent will analyze your requirements and provide you with some useful tips to attract tenants to your property. He will also assist you with other aspects of the renting process. 
  • Additional features: Homes outfitted with advanced security equipment can attract potential tenants. So you can consider installing fire alarms, smoke detectors, locking system etc. to ensure safety of the residents. 

We, at Cloud Real Estate, can help you stage your Killeen based rental home. For more information, feel free to call at (254) 690 - 3311 or visit 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Ways To Stage Your Killeen Rental Home For The Holidays

by Administrator 19. November 2015 17:44

The holidays can be a great time to list your home for rent in Killeen, TX. There is lesser competition in the real estate market and tenants are highly motivated to move in to their new home during the festive season. If you are also planning to rent out your home amidst the merriment and sparkle of Christmas, you need to present it in the best possible light. 

Here are some tips that will help you effectively stage your rental home for the holidays: 

  • Focus on curb appeal: Keep the exterior of your home as simple as possible. The color scheme should be neutral and the landscape lights should be installed in a way that highlights the positive features of the home. Placing seasonal flowers, decorative plants and a seasonal wreath on the front door can give a welcoming feel to the potential tenants.
  • Light up the home: When a potential tenant visits your home, keep curtains open to let natural light come in. It will also make the house look spacious and well-ventilated. If it is nighttime, turn on all the lights so that the home is properly illuminated. You can even light candles or fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere. 
  • Go for seasonal décor: Show up your festive spirit to the tenants by giving a seasonal touch your home’s décor. Adorning your home with snowflakes, wrapped gifts, ornaments, winter branches and more can be a great idea. However, you must not display too much of personal decorative stuff as it can distract the potential tenants. 
  • Pay attention to color scheme: Though Christmas season is often associated with the use of red, gold and silver shades in home décor, make sure it goes with the existing color scheme. For instance, a red colored wreath may not go with light blue colored walls. Therefore, you should use colors that complement and accentuate the décor of your home. 
  • Highlight positive features: When staging the home, you should focus on highlighting its positive features so as to avoid tenants paying attention to the negative aspects. Choose some specific areas in the home to be decorated for the best outcome. Avoid placing too many decorative items in smaller rooms. 

We, at Cloud Real Estate, can help to effective stage your rental home in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Maintaining Your Rental Home In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 6. July 2015 19:52

A rental home can be an immensely recompensing investment. However, the success of a rental business calls for a property owner who understands his responsibilities and makes sure the tenants are not facing any problem. The owners of a rental property are very well aware about the importance of its proper and regular maintenance. Carrying out maintenance and repair work is extremely important to retain your investment home’s value, whether it is vacant or occupied.

Given here are some useful tips that can help to maintain your rental home:

  • Clean Foundation: It is important that the ground slope is away from the foundation to avoid water accumulation near your house. The dirt near the foundation should also be sloped away from time to time. This will prevent water from entering your basement or crawl space, thus, leading to severe structural damages.
  • Clean Gutters: Choked gutters or water lines can make your home susceptible to severe water damage. You should make sure that the gutters are not clogged due to fallen leaves or piled up debris.
  • Update Electrical Wires: To ensure the security of your tenants it is critical to keep the electrical system working properly and up-to code. You must hire a professional to inspect and repair any electrical issue in the house before it turns into a serious safety hazard.
  • Landscaping: Make sure the lawn is properly trimmed to avoid making it a breeding ground for pests. Tress with broken or cracking branches, visible roots or fungal growth should be removed. If sprinklers are installed, the property owner should see if they need any kind of repair or replacement.
  • Regularly Test Smoke Detectors: A fully functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detector is necessary for every rental property. They are important for tenants’ protection and mandatory by law. You should periodically replace batteries, check wiring or other damages and replace the smoke detector if necessary.
  • Check Pest Infestations: You must carefully inspect the home for signs of pest infestation. Make sure you exterminate them completely before it becomes a bigger problem, causing you to lose tenants and face longer vacancies.   

We, at Cloud Real Estate, provide comprehensive property management services for rental homes in Killeen, TX. Our agents will keep your rental home in best condition to attract more tenants and ensure consistent income. For more information, you can call us at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Rental Homes In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 6. April 2015 13:40

Whether you are a first time tenant or are planning to move from your current place of residence, the process of searching for the perfect rental home can be really exhausting. This is made even more daunting if you are unaware about the real estate market of that city. However, going about a step by step and well-defined process can be helpful to make your search quite easier. If you are looking for a rental home in Killeen, TX, here are some things that you must rummage around for in a property:

  • Location: This is the first and most important factor to consider in any rental home. Make sure that the property you are considering is in a perfect location. It should have an easy approachability to schools, colleges, supermarkets, shopping centers, playgrounds etc.
  • Neighborhood: Even if the home is extremely attractive, you might not have a comfortable stay if you are not in good terms with your tenants. During your first visit to the rental home, talk to the neighbors about the landlord and the previous tenants. As far as possible, prefer a rental home that offers you the privacy and peace of mind that you need.
  • Safety: You must ensure that there are proper safety elements installed in the rental home. Carefully inspect the door locks, windows, electrical fittings and kitchen equipment for any signs of damage. Take a walk through the locality to see if there are sufficient lighting arrangements for the nighttime. A gated community with a security personnel employed round the clock is a bonus.
  • Individual Needs: You must have an eagle’s eye while inspecting your potential rental home. Look for the floor plan and interior design of the property. Check if there is enough storage space to organize all your stuff efficiently. In case you are renting a furnished home, make sure that the all the electrical appliances are in working condition. Also see if there are signs of any current or previous pest infestation. If anything is found that must be repaired, ask the landlord to do so before you move-in.
  • Research Thoroughly: Before signing the lease agreement, you must also verify that there are no legal obstacles by your way. Ask the landlord to go through the property’s occupancy certificate and check if it has been in foreclosure.

If you are searching for affordable and quality rental homes in Killeen, TX, contact the agents at Cloud Real Estate. You can call at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Choosing The Right Tenants For Your Property

by Administrator 5. January 2015 15:17

When you plan to rent your property, one of the most important decisions that you may have to make as a landlord is to choose the right tenant. Making a mistake here could mean the difference between getting the rent on time and your property being well managed or not. Given here are some important guidelines that can help you choose the best tenants for your property:

  • Follow the Fair Housing Act (FHA): The first and foremost way to choose tenants fairly is by following the Fair Housing Act (FHA). It is a way to ensure that the landlords do not reject someone’s rental application on the grounds of religion, race or other such reasons.
  • Check References: When you begin your search for tenants, make it a point to ask for references from each applicant. Also, you should verify those references either by calling or visiting them. This will give you an idea about the potential tenant and help you take a wise decision.
  • Perform A Background Check: You would definitely want a tenant with a good credit rating who pays the rent on time. To verify the tenant’s ability to pay the rent, do not hesitate to perform a credit check. Ask them to submit proof of their present income and previous paid rent slips. Besides, also make sure you screen the applicants for any criminal charges in the past. These can be either major or minor, but it can help you have a better judgment of what kind of person you are letting your house.
  • Verify Rental History & References: Contact the previous landlords and property managers to inquire if the applicant was a good tenant or not. This will help you know if they paid the rent wisely, kept the property maintained, abided by the lease terms or not.
  • Use An Application Form: You should use a standard application form for the potential tenant to provide his personal details. These forms are easily available online and request all the necessary information that is required for the landlord to make a decision.

We, at Cloud Real Estate, can help you find the long term tenants for your property in Killeen, TX. Our systematic screening procedure makes sure that you end up renting your property to the right tenants. For more information, you can call us at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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Features Of A Good Rental Home

by Administrator 18. September 2014 16:01

In present times tenants are more aware and demanding of the facilities and amenities they require in a rental home. When tenants hunt for a rental property they have certain criteria and features which they look for in a potential rental home. If you want your rental house to get good tenants, then it is essential that you have the following amenities in your rental house.

  • Location: One of the biggest features that attract tenants to a property is its location. If you have your house at a prime location then you will get more interest from tenants. People prefer properties that are near a busy place, have good transportation facilities, restaurants, shopping complexes and entertainment places nearby. The rent of the properties at the right location is always high but they still get tenants as the location is the major feature that influences their decision.
  • Well-maintained properties: Tenants always prefer properties that are frequently renovated and are well-maintained. Everyone likes to live in a house that looks new and has latest fixtures and features. They look for houses which are clean and thus renovated units are often rented out quickly.
  • Modern layout: Tenants like to live in a house that is constructed well and has a modern layout. They like open spaces that give the illusion of space and often houses with open kitchen have higher occupancy rate.
  • Parking facility: As many people own cars it is crucial that you have a parking slot in your house where the tenant can easily park the car. By offering parking in the garage or in the driveway, you can rent out your unit quickly. Even rental properties that arrange parking at an approachable distance are quite in demand in urban areas.
  • Storage area or closets: Tenants prefer a house that offers ample storage space to keep their house organized and clutter free. They seek sufficient closets and storage areas where they can keep their extra belongings.
  • Quality and working appliances: While renting a house tenants check for the appliances provided and their working condition. People prefer to live in a house with quality appliances that are in good working condition.
  • Natural light and ventilation: Another feature that pulls tenants is natural light and ventilation. To highlight this feature most of the realtors open windows and blinds while staging the house so that the tenant can be sure that there is sufficient light and air in the home. Moreover, natural light gives a house a warm and inviting feel.

These features and tips surely add value to a rental property and make it desirable to long term tenants.   

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