How To Conduct Non-Discriminatory Tenant Screening

by Administrator 30. October 2017 19:28

A landlord often screens a prospective tenant before renting out the property. It is done to check whether he/she would be able to comply with terms and conditions of the lease and take proper care of the rental property. The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination and expects the landlords to follow a non-discriminatory conduct. Follow these simple tips while tenant screening to keep lawsuits at bay.

Comply With Regulations Of Fair Housing Act – The federal act has been particularly designed to end housing discrimination. The landlord is not allowed to deny renting of a property on the basis of any of the following reasons –

  • Race – Turning away the renter of a certain race or specifying that a person from a certain race would not be provided housing is strictly forbidden.
  • Religion – The US law restrains landlords to deny tenancy to a person on the basis of the religion they practice.
  • Nationality – Showing favoritism or hatred towards people of a certain nationality while renting out is not allowed. It is impermissible to ask a person about their citizenship or immigration status.
  • Disability – Law interdicts refusing a prospective tenant due to their mental or physical disability.

Hire A Property Management Company – This is advantageous because a property management company is well versed with laws of the land as well the needs of their clients.  They are experts in tenant screening and collect all relevant information while strictly following the regulations of Fair Housing Act.

Considerations To Be Made – Here is a list of various things that one needs to ask and inquire from the perspective tenant while staying in the boundary of law and being non- discriminatory.

  • Income – Of course you would not want a tenant who constantly delays rental dues.  So, a person’s income needs to be inquired to check if he/she has the ability to pay monthly rent on time or not.
  • References- It is important to have referrals from past landlords.
  • Employment– The employment status of a person is directly linked to their rent paying capability. It is often difficult for unemployed people or those with irregular employment to pay their rent and other dues on time.
  • Credit History – The tenants should be able to manage their monetary resources well. Elsewise, the landlord can deny tenancy if they have a poor credit history of late payments, bankruptcy or lawsuits.
  • Past Evictions – To avoid any problems later it is best to check out for any criminal records or evictions beforehand.

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