Landscaping Rules You Must Keep In Mind

by Administrator 26. April 2018 18:01

Landscaping involves playing around with visible features of a piece of land by incorporating plants, flowers, water bodies, manipulating landforms and constructing structures like fences, walls, raised planters etc. Landscaping has been around for centuries both for aesthetics and practicability.

Whether you are planning landscaping for aesthetics or for utility, following are some tips to help you achieve outstanding results:

1. Choose Plants Conducive To Your Climate

The first rule of landscaping is to choose plants that not only look appealing to the eye but also are well suited for the part of the country that you live in. By planting trees, flowers, bushes, shrubs and grass that suits the climatic conditions of your region, you can greatly cut down on the maintenance costs and water requirements.

2. Keep It Simple
Resst the temptation of overdeveloping your yard. Over extending your yard for landscaping will imply a larger budget. The trick here is to ensure that the outdoor area that you plan to landscape should be in sync with the size of your house.

3. Get Professional Help
Availing the services of a licensed professional might be helpful in achieving best results. It’s always a good idea to get an appointment for the same a few months in advance.

4. Consider The Maintenance
Landscaping involves a lot of maintenance. You must only stretch it to limits that are manageable by you. If you want a beautiful garden but without a lot of maintenance work, you should consider planting perennials instead of seasonal plants and so forth.

5. Keep Your Lawn Alive
A healthy lawn is a beauty to behold. To keep it looking great, annual seeding and aeration is a must. This process helps grass get stronger. If your lawn is the hub of activities and games with friends and family, you should seed and aerate it twice a year. In addition to this stick to a watering routine that works for your lawn as per the weather conditions of your region. Fertilize it when needed and ensure the blades of your mower are razor sharp.

6. Local Ordinances
Every township, county or state has different rules and regulations pertaining to the area that can be utilized for landscaping. Educate yourself on the local ordinances before plunging into a landscaping project. Certain outdoor projects might require a permit.

7. The Slope   
If your landscape comprises of structures like a patio, care should be taken to ensure that its slope is not towards your home’s foundation. This will keep rainwater from flowing into your house.

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