Things To Know Before Buying Your First Home

by Administrator 20. July 2018 20:51

Buying a house for the first time is a monumental life decision. There’s a lot of excitement and responsibility that comes with it. The whole process of buying a house involves important aspects such as location, price, size and much more. Let’s take a look at some things every home buyer should be aware of before taking the plunge:


  • Location: This is probably the most important factor to consider when buying a house. Location includes the neighborhood. A good neighborhood is crucial. It is important to take the help of a professional for assistance regarding the kind of people who live in the area. Always familiarize yourself with the community around the house you are interested in.
  • Affordability: It is easy to get swayed with the initial excitement that comes with buying a house for the first time but take some time to reflect. Reflect on why you need the house in the first place and the budget you have set aside for it. Try your best not to get carried away with facilities that are of no use to you. Keep in mind that your expenses are not only limited to the purchase price but there’s a lot that will follow suit such as moving expenses, new furniture, closing costs insurance costs, homeowners association fees, real-estate taxes etc.
  • Who Will Live In The House : Buy a house keeping in mind the members in the household. Pets, children, elderly, newly married couples etc. all have varied requirements. The type of house you buy should be based on your future requirements more than your present ones. Think long-term when buying a house.
  • Always Consult Experts: The money spent on availing the services of experts such as real estate agents, an attorney, loan officer and home inspector are worth every penny. Their experience and know-how are helpful in keeping costs under check, inspecting properties and much more. They are aware of the current real estate trends, laws, norms etc. 
  • Bigger Home Equals Bigger Expenses: Bigger is not always better. A bigger home eventually translates into more heating and cooling expenses, security costs, more furnishing requirements, costlier repair and replacements etc. The size of the house could be thrilling initially but always keep in mind the costs of maintaining its grandeur. 
  • Contingency Clause: There are some things that are impossible to spot initially. These could be things like mold, defective wiring or plumbing issues and more. Use a contingency clause to protect yourself if you need to walk away from a deal or in negotiating repairs and replacements.


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