Tips To Refurbish Your Rental Property

by Administrator 29. December 2017 20:03

Refurbishing a property is great way of increasing its value and bringing down future maintenance costs. Tweaking a few things in the property can help property owners attract tenants. Following are some useful tips to guide property owners through the process of refurbishing property in order to raise its capital and rental value:

·   Keep Your Target Market In Mind

Always refurbish your property keeping in mind the market you are targeting. Refurbish in such a way that their needs are met. The requirements will be different for couples, students, families, professionals and so on.

·  Work On The Flooring, Kitchen And Bathrooms

A high quality floor will fetch you quality tenants. Get rid of carpets if any and invest in commercial grade tiles, or hardwood instead. Such superior quality flooring will last for years to come. Upgrade your kitchen with a few modern appliances, fixtures, pictures etc. Get rid of mold from the bathrooms, repaint the walls, play with lighting and decor and make the house squeaky clean with the help of a professional.

·  First Repair, Then Replace

There is absolutely no need to overhaul the whole house in one go. Go slow. Try redoing one room at a time. The whole point is to increase value of your property and not your expense. If your carpet looks dirty, consider getting it professionally cleaned first before buying a new one. Before repainting ceilings and walls, try cleaning off scuffs and fingerprints first. 

·  The Magic Of Landscaping

A refurbishing trick that does wonders in making property stand out is landscaping. It does not cost much but makes a huge difference in increasing the appeal of rental property. The front yard, backyard and surrounding areas should look well-maintained. It just takes a little effort like mowing the grass regularly, planting seasonal flowers, repairing broken walkways, taming overgrown bushes & trees etc.

·   Incorporate Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances last longer, save your money and are environment friendly. Install low flush toilets to save water and monthly bills. Get rid of bathtubs and replace them with low floor showers. Invest in energy efficient ovens, dishwashers and laundry machines.

·  Practical And Smart Refurbishing

Before making any improvement in rental property, consider if it is going to increase or decrease the value of your property. Make improvements that complement the existing style of your property. Make the best of what you have got. Invest in space saving storage and work towards making the house practical for tenants. Keep everything neutral and inviting. Do not over decorate. Avoid harsh tones as they tend to make rooms look smaller. Lookout for things that might need repair or replacement and work on keeping your property clean at all times.

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