How To Prepare Your House For Sale

by Administrator 4. March 2015 15:44

Selling a house is a taxing decision, as you need to consider many points in order to get the best value for your property. Selling a house requires putting in the right marketing, advertising, staging and negotiating techniques.  However an experienced real estate agent can help you manage the sale and make a profitable deal. Here are some tips to help you prepare your house to appeal to potential buyers.

  • Detach from your home: To prepare your house for sale it is important that you consider it a product rather than your own home. In order to make profitable marketing decisions you must take practical decisions without being emotional.
  • De-personalize the home: You must clear personal things, family photos and other personal belongings from the property to make it ready for staging. This will allow the potential buyers to visualize their own life in the home and take a positive decision. 
  • De-clutter your home: Make sure your home is thoroughly clean and well maintained before staging. You should clean the floors, furniture, upholstery, carpets, countertops and drawers thoroughly. Removing clutter will make your home appear spacious and bright.
  • Take care of any repairs and maintenance work: You should try and avoid overlooking any maintenance issues, as it shows a negligent attitude of the property owner. Make sure you undertake all small and big repairs to ensure buyer satisfaction. Maintain light fixtures, repair leaky faucets, oil any creaky doors, replace chipped and cracked tiles, patch up any holes in the walls and paint the walls if required. By giving a fresh coat of paint to your home, you can give it a fresh look.
  • Remove features that are not for sale: The potential buyers note even the minor details while inspecting a home, so make sure that you clear all the features that are not included for sale. These may include light fixtures, appliances, curtains, furniture or decorative items that you may plan to take with you while moving.
  • Work on the curb appeal: Besides improving the interiors, you should work on the exteriors of the home. Make efforts to improve the curb appeal by cleaning the lawn, pruning the trees and indulging in proper landscaping.  Maintaining the outdoors of the house will help attract more potential buyers.

These tips will help you prepare your home for selling and ensure that you sell it quickly and profitably. For more information, contact the real estate agents at Cloud Real Estate at (254) 690-3311.

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