Tips To Prepare The Exteriors When Selling A House

by Administrator 24. November 2016 15:38

Making a successful home sale is a mixed-matched effort of maintaining each and every part of the property. While sellers invest a major portion of their time and money on the interior, the curb appeal should not be overlooked. The exterior of a house withstands frequent weather changes. Thus, taking care of the roof, walls, garage, lawn and backyard is mandatory to maintain the overall appearance of your house.

When inspecting the property, a buyer gives as much importance to the exteriors as other parts of the house. In fact, it is the first impression that can make or break the deal. Outlined below are some of the tips that can help to prepare the exteriors when putting up your house for sale:

Inspect the roof
The roof may get withered due to harsh climatic conditions and hence, regular maintenance is essential to save yourself from unexpected repair expenses. Hire a professional to inspect the roof for cracks and leakages. Check if the shingles are loose and broken. Also check the chimney for any deposits and sloping roofs for collected leaves, snow or water. Inspecting the attic can help to identify the problem areas of the roof.

Maintain the sides
The sidings of the house may get damaged due to rain, wind and sunlight. The current condition of the exteriors can help you evaluate which side of the house has undergone the maximum deterioration so that these walls can be made more durable. Also check if the trims are secure and properly maintained.

Clear the lawns of dead plants and shrubs
The lawn should look plush and green. A well maintained lawn adds to the visual statement of the house. You can hire a professional to mow the grass and rake the leaves. The dead plants should be uprooted and new shrubs can be planted to make the area look more inviting.

Check the lights
The lights on the outside should be in working condition. Burnt out bulbs and empty breaker sockets indicate lack of maintenance. Having everything in order can add an impressive finish to the overall look of the house. Inspect the flood lights, door lamp, lawn as well as roof lights and replace the ones that are not working.

The front door is important
A worn out, cracked or creaking door does not look welcoming. Consider re-painting the door if it appears to be old. Fill in the cracks/gaps in case the door is wooden as well as oil the nuts and bolts to bring smoothness. The door should be sturdy and durable to ensure the safety of the inmates. You may want to check the doors and windows for any cracks or gaps. They may also need repainting to protect against water damage.

Inspect the fences for breakage and repair
A cemented fence doesn’t require frequent maintenance, whereas a wooden fence can be easily taken care of by painting at regular intervals. A fence lends a definition to the house, hence keeping it in an optimal condition can add to the curb appeal.

Sidewalk and driveway
If your concrete or cement driveway is uneven, has cracks or ditches, it must be repaired to avoid tripping and falling. For a quick fix, you can simply re-fill the broken and sunken areas. If you have time, you can opt for complete leveling of your sidewalk and driveway.

Clean the pool
If your home has a swimming pool, it is necessary to be maintained. You can either leave the pool empty and clean the flooring or fill with clean water to make it look attractive. A dirty pool is a sign of poor maintenance and should be properly taken care of.

The deck and porch
The deck and porch are exposed to all the seasons alike and thus carrying out routine maintenance becomes essential. While preparing the house for sale, you can consider using a pressure washer to remove dirt and debris from the deck. You can use a chemical deck cleaner as well. In case of discoloration, you might want to consider re-painting it.

Most buyers make their decision of buying a house just by the visual appeal of the front elevation. A well maintained exterior acts as a mirror of what is on the inside. Hence, maintaining the exterior of the house is important for sellers if they want to attract the right buyers and receive the right price for the house.

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Step By Step Guide To Selling Your Home In Killeen

by Administrator 13. September 2016 13:19

Selling a home in Killeen, TX can seem to be a mammoth task considering the challenges involved in the process. In order to sell your home quickly and at the right price, you need to follow the following step-by-step guide.

  • Know your current financial status: If you have a pending home loan, you need to notify your lender that you are planning to sell your house. Repaying the loan earlier than the specified term period may involve penalties. Discuss this aspect with your lender and add it to your expenditure. In addition to this, you also need to have a rough estimate about the worth of your property.
  • Hire a real estate agent: Although you can conduct the home selling process on your own, hiring a real estate company can reduce your responsibilities manifold. Compare the local real estate companies in terms of the services offered and client reviews. Choose a company that best fits your requirements and budget. Note that the agent will not only help you sell your house, but also guide you in handling the paperwork involved.
  • Set the correct price for your home: One of the most difficult tasks is to set the right price for your home. Research the Killeen real estate market and consult your real estate agent before arriving at a decision. Buyers are most likely to negotiate the asking price. Thus, you need to keep this fact in mind before fixing a price for your home.
  • Prepare your home: Staging your home is one of the crucial aspects in the home selling process. You need to make sure the home is thoroughly cleaned and free from any kind of clutter. You can apply a fresh coat of paint on the interior as well as exterior walls. Also, get rid of bad odors and fix all the damaged faucets, appliances or electrical fixtures.

Once you get appropriate offers for your home, discuss with the agent and choose the most suitable one. Complete all the legal formalities, exchange the duly signed contracts with your buyer and hand over the keys to him. Make sure you leave the property in exactly the same condition as specified in the contract.

To sell your home in Killeen, consider hiring the services of Cloud Real Estate. We provide extensive online listing of homes for sale across the city.  For more information, visit our office at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543 or call at (254) 690 – 3311.

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Getting Your Killeen Home Ready For Sale

by Administrator 13. October 2015 15:44

If you want to sell your home fast and at a good price, it is essential that you pay attention to its staging. You must know what features you should include to have an edge over other properties available for sale in the area. For effective staging, you need to plan carefully and spruce up your home so that it makes a long lasting impression on the potential buyers.

Here are some tips to get your home ready for sale:

  • De-personalize the house: To make the buyers envision their life in the house, it is essential that you de-personalize it. Pack all your personal items such as your family photographs, heirlooms, souvenirs etc. The buyers should not get distracted while looking around your house. 
  • De-clutter the house: Before staging, make sure your home is clean and smells fresh. Remove all the junk and discard things that you no longer use. Clean the kitchen counters and bathrooms thoroughly. Pack your books and other artefacts to clear the shelves. If you have a yard or garage, make sure it is also clean and clutter-free.
  • Rearrange the cabinets and closets: The potential buyers may want to view the closets and cabinet, so make sure you keep them completely organized as well as clean. Get rid of any additional stuff and keep all the items in an orderly manner. You can also remove unnecessary furniture pieces to give your home an airy and spacious look.
  • Fix the things inside the house: Inspect your home and find if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. Fix the cracked floors, cabinets and counter tiles. If there is any hole in the walls, patch it and fix any leaky faucets. Repair jammed doors and locks to enhance the security of the house. If needed, you can give a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Ensure all the light fixtures are functional and the house receives sufficient natural light.
  • Increase the curb appeal: To make the exterior of your home look attractive, make sure the area is clean and well maintained. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes and keep the sidewalks clear. Repaint the walls if required and plant some good ornamental plants to give the house a welcoming feel.

We, at Cloud Real Estate can help to prepare your home for sale. For more information, you can call us at (254) 690 – 3311 or visit our office at 1703 South W.S. Young Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.

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