Tips To Keep Your Killeen Rental Home Warm In Winter

by Administrator 12. December 2014 22:00

With winter setting in and the temperature dropping, you need to ensure that your rental home is warm and cozy.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your rental home warm this winter:

  • Add Rugs: During cold days, the hardwood floor becomes extremely cold and it gets very uncomfortable to place your bare feet on a cold surface. A simple, inexpensive solution for this problem is rugs, especially near your bed. You can also keep rugs at other places such as near bathroom and kitchen where you tend to walk without wearing shoes.
  • Use Curtains For Drafty Windows: The most convenient way to cover drafty windows is to get nice curtains. Make sure you keep the curtains open during daytime so that the sunlight enters the rooms and draw the curtains at night so that the heat does not escape out. Besides keeping your home warm, rightly selected curtains can also add an appeal to your home décor.
  • Use Films On Windows: Film is an economical option that helps you retain heat in your home. It not only helps in winters, but also helps you keep the indoors cool in summers.
  • Make The Doors Draft-proof: To conserve the heat in winters, make sure you keep the doors closed. Draft proof the doors with caulking and weather stripping. Caulk between the wall and the frame so that the warm air does not escape from the home. Draft-stopper or door sweeps can prevent air from moving under the door and keep your rental home warm. Weatherproofing your windows and doors also helps you save energy.
  • Heaters: By using quality heaters, you can easily warm the room where you sit or sleep. Space heaters use less energy to heat up the home.
  • Increase The Layers Of Bedding: Change the bedding with foamy, thick fleece sheets and comforters in winters to warm up yourself. You should also keep yourself protected with extra blankets.
  • Keep Windows Closed: Often the heat is lost through windows; therefore, it is greatly beneficial to keep the windows closed in winters. You can also so weather stripping with metal or plastic frames so that the air does not cross.
  • Keep Radiators Clean: Keep the radiators clean of any dirt and dust, as it will absorb heat. Also, remove any radiator covers when the heat is on so that the covers do not block the airflow.

Though it is quite impossible to keep cold away; however by following these tips you can make your rental home warm and comfortable. You must however seek permission from your landlord while making any changes in the house.

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